Giving Back

One Bar Purchased On Bar Donated

Let's all "Lather Up" to Clean Water and Better Hygiene

Goal = 100,000 Bars to Charity

There are millions of humans, and especially children* that do not have access to clean water and good hygiene. Especially now with COVID ever present and the global reach. To make a difference "I" start, I do.
For every bar purchased and beyond, Jontaar Gear Supply Co. will "donate" one bar of soap for every bar purchased.
Hello my name is Mark J Suplicki and I am the founder and creator of this company. It has been a difficult ride for all of humanity with this virus, and now is time for change. This is my company mission.
Good hygiene and washing our hands has become even more important now. 
We'll give back to nations struggling with access to water and good hygiene, homeless shelters, food pantries, and areas of natural disasters.
With your help, we can all do this. Please do what you can simply by purchasing one bar of soap and we will match that by donating a bar for every bar purchased to charity.
Together we can all "Lather-Up" to Clean Water and Better Hygiene.
Thank you for your support.
Please share with your friends and family’s, on social media.


[* Finding a current number, whew, difficult. My findings started at over 4 million+ ]