About Us


Jontaar Gear Supply Co. is  small business driven on creating a great product. I've always had an interest in soap (yah, weird, I know), so now I can present these great scents to you.

In an effort to make a long story short... I could never realize why all soaps, always had this pretty scent, and why mom would always buy Ivory. Anyways, as a young kid and father who owned his own business, I would never settle, there is always another way. So as time went on, one thing I've learned is do what you know, so I educated myself in soaps.. and manly soaps. Soaps designed for men. The great thing about designing soaps for men these days, is women luv them too.. so you can't go wrong. Especially on a date, or when she decides to stay over (and watch tv, of course), I personally like my Forest Morning or the Juniper of the Forest

So as a small business, I hope you'll try my soaps and leave a great review. Any questions, simply reach out.

Any questions, just let me know., email support@jontaar.com